TLS LogoUpcoming Shows:

6-27-17-Manhattan, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall 

6-30-17-Boonton, NY @ Boontunes

7-2-17-Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale 


Past East Coast Shows:


Live At Boontunes

9/18/15-Brooklyn, NY @ Bushwick Public House

9/29/15-Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker

10/2/15-Manhattan, NY @ The Cake Shop

10/8/15-Philadelphia, PA @ The Nest

10/9/15-Boonton, NJ @ BoonTunes

10/16/15-Silver Spring, MD @ The Slughouse

10/17/15-Philadelphia, PA @ The Nest

10/23/15-Boston, MA @ Das Milhaus

10/24/15-Salem, NH @ Sayde’s

10/30/15-Brooklyn, NY @ Bushwick Public House

11/7/15-Brooklyn, NY @ Black Bear Bar

11/20/15 -Philadelphia,PA @ The Aquarium

11/21/15-Boonton,NJ @ BoonTunes

12/11/15-Philadelphia, PA @ The Aquarium

12/13/15-New Brunswick, NJ @ Scarlet Pub

12/18/15-Brooklyn, NY @ Black Bear Bar

12/19/15-Westport, CT @ Toquet Hall



4/9/16-Philadelphia, PA @ The Aquarium

4/10/16-New Brunswick, NJ @ Scarlet Pub

4/16/16-Philadelphia, PA @ The Aquarium 

4/23/16-Philadelphia, PA @ The Aquarium

4/24/16-New Brunswick, NJ @ Scarlet Pub

4/29/16-Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker

5/13/16-Philadelphia, PA @ Guash House

5/27/16-Manhattan, NY @ 72

7/17/16-Manhattan, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall

9/16/16-Philadelphia, PA @ Goldilocks Gallery

9/17/16-Easton, PA @ Lafayette College

9/27/16-Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store

10/28/16-Philadelphia @ Black Magic

10/29/16-Brooklyn, NY @ Bar Matchless

11/18/16-Brooklyn, NY [Secret Show] @ 1G

12/23/16-Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds


2-25-17-Brooklyn, NY @ 1G

3-3-17-Philadelphia, PA @ Pilam 

3-4-17-Boonton, NJ @ Boontunes

3-10-17-Los Angeles, CA @ Rusty’s Surf Ranch

3-11-17-San Diego, CA @ UCSD

3-17-17-Bard College, NY @ The Root Cellar

3-24-17-Brooklyn, NY @ Greenpoint Gallery 

4-20-17-Manhattan, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall 



Past West Coast Shows:


1/22/16-San Diego, CA @ The Stage Room UCSD

2/5/16-Santa Monica, CA @ Rusty’s Surf Ranch

2/27/16-Los Angeles, CA @ California Institute of Abnormalarts

6/17/16-Santa Monica, CA @ Pier 212

8/19/16-Santa Monica, CA @ Rusty’s Surf Ranch

8/31/16-San Francisco, CA @ The Depot



Live at Amplyfi


1/9/15-Santa Monica, CA @ TRIP Santa Monica

1/11/15-Los Angeles, CA @ Molly Malones

2/6/15-Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 1 Café

2/7/15-Los Angeles, CA @ Amplyfi

3/6/15-Culver City, CA @ American Veterans Post II

3/13/15-Los Angeles, CA @ The Crest Theater

3/20/15-Austin, TX @ The Brass House (SXSW)

4/11/15-Los Angeles, CA @ The Vaucluse Lounge

4/24/15-Los Angeles, CA @ University High School

5/8/15-Los Angeles, CA @ SKR Studios

5/30/15-Los Angeles, CA @ The Tribal Café

6/26/15-Los Angeles, CA @ Amplyfi

7/24/15-Los Angeles, CA @ USC Alumni Park w/ Lani Renaldo

8/3/15-Los Angeles, CA @ Golden Box

8/14/15-Venice, CA @ Full Circle Venice

8/21/15-Los Angeles, CA @ The Lexington

9/4/15-San Diego, CA @ Ché Café Collective





2/25/14-Los Angeles, CA @ Molly Malones

4/11/14-Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky A Go Go

5/28/14-Los Angeles, CA @ The Mint

6/6/14-Los Angeles, CA @ Sick Transit House

6/14/14-Los Angeles, CA @ Hot Rod (Unplugged)

6/18/14-Santa Monica, CA @ Almost Holden Collective

8/6/14-Los Angeles, CA @ Molly Malones

8/22/14-Santa Monica, CA @ Almost Holden Collective

9/18/14-Los Angeles, CA @ Tommy’s Place USC

10/4/14-Topanga, CA @ Topanga Community House

10/11/14-San Diego, CA @ Ché Café Collective

10/17/14-Los Angeles, CA @ Timewarp Records

11/7/14-Santa Monica, CA @ Almost Holden Collective

12/5/14-San Diego,CA @ KSDT Radio Station

12/11/14-Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell